The purpose of this blog, as referenced in the name, is to provide a well grounded education for both the reader, and your blogger. In writing “Émile, ou De l’Éducation,” Rousseau advocated for an education that protects the innate goodness of man to the corruptions of society through a well-balanced, grounded education. While your blogger cannot hope to achieve the heights of Rousseau, he hopes to follow in this spirit in the interest of a better society and of better citizens. Through his posts on economics, politics, and technology, the writer hopes to enlighten both himself, and all who would choose the same path. This writer implores you to read, think and respond accordingly to all ideas and arguments posted here to create a better intellectual community. He does not profess to always be right, but, in posting his ideas on what he believes to be right and having them challenged in a public forum, perhaps he and his co-ideators can come closer to a communal truth. All weightyness aside though, enjoy and welcome to the blog of Émile.